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There are many herbs used as remedies for acne. Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. This common skin disease affects millions of people around the world. Acne can arise at any age but it usually begins at puberty and worsens during adolescence. Number says that nearly 86% of people develop acne at some time between 12-25 years age.

Acne is basically a hormonal problem. The worst aspect of acne is the negative cosmetic effects and potential for pockmark. Some people, especially youngsters, become emotionally upset about their situation. A strict cleansing regimen is essential.

The following herbs have been effective in fighting acne.

Aloe Vera - has anti-bacterial and astringent properties
- antibacterial
Asian Chasteberry - regulates hormones
Brigham Tea - blood purifier
Burdock - fights bacteria, blood purifier
Chamomile - minimizes skin irritations
Chaparral - blood purifier
Chastetree - regulates hormones

Chickweed - promotes healing
Clove - antiseptic
Dandelion - fights bacteria
Echinacea - promotes healing and sooths inflammation
Goldenseal - anti microbial
Milk Thistle - blood purifier
Pau D'Arco - blood purifier

Primrose - blood purifier
Red Clover - blood purifier
Redmond Clay - powerful drawing effect
Sarsaparilla - regulates hormones
Tea Tree - a powerful antiseptic
Vetiver - relieves inflammation
Witch Hazel - anti-bacterial and astringent properties
Yellow Dock - blood purifier


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