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Adult Acne Treatment

There are many herbs which may benefit in adult acne treatment. While there is no adult acne cure it is essential to understand the causes and learn about adult acne skin care. Women sometimes have premenstrual flares of acne. Other causes of adult acne include hormones, cosmetics, stress, food allergies and bacteria.

Adult acne can affect men and women at some time in their adult lives. It is usually accompanied by acne somewhere on the body.  More adult acne patients are seeing their doctors and there seems to be an increase in this condition. Adult acne can cause stress and depression in an adult much like a teenager.

The herbs most commonly used in the treatment of adult acne that can be taken to cleanse the blood, ease inflammation and fight bacteria are Dandelion, Burdock, Red Clover, Milk Thistle and Goldenseal.


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