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Alfalfa has been used as an herbal remedy for 1500 years or more. It is a legume which is a member of the pea family. It is widely used as a crop for grazing animals because of its high protein value. Alfalfa sprouts are a popular health food item.

Because alfalfa is deep-rooted it picks up the trace minerals in the soil. It contains eight essential digestive enzymes and eight essential amino acids of protein. Alfalfa is rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin U, important for peptic ulcers. It is used for a blood thinner and a kidney cleanser. Athletes use this herb for endurance and energy. It has been used to treat anemia due to its iron content.

Alfalfa grass is a phyto-estrogen which acts like human hormones. It is thought to be beneficial for preventing some of the damage from diabetes and high blood sugar levels, due to its antioxidant and phyto-nutrient content. It has been used to treat bladder disorders, as an estrogen replacement, to lower cholesterol levels, help prevent arthritis, for prostate problems, to relieve the symptoms of menopause and reduce pre-menstrual syndrome and also to increase breast milk in nursing mothers.



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