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Allergies are a failure of the immune system and can be annoying and sometimes very serious for the sufferer. Symptoms may include rashes, congestion, itchy eyes, sore throat, headaches, fatigue and nervousness among others. Pollen, dust, smog, plants, perfumes, cleaning solutions and mold are some of the irritants that lead to these symptoms. 

Sometimes infections can occur, usually bacterial infections. Antibiotics, decongestants and antihistamines are normally prescribed for allergies. Some herbs have natural antihistamine properties.

Allergies are a serious matter and can be life threatening. Always check with your health care provider before taking any supplement.

Many herbs can alleviate or cure allergic symptoms. The following are the most widely used. Also look for herbs with adaptogen properties.

Astragalus - strengthens natural defenses, immune system
Basil - antihistamine
Brigham Tea - stimulates respiratory system
Cat's Claw - immune system
Chamomile - anti-bacterial, immune system
Clove - antihistamine
Dong Quai - nasal or sinus congestion
Eyebright - respiratory conditions
Echinacea - immune system

Fennel - antihistamine
Ginger - antihistamine
Goldenseal - respiratory conditions
Grape Seed Extract - antihistamine
Horseradish - respiratory system
Lemon Balm - antihistamine
Licorice - respiratory system
Nettle - antihistamine
Oregano - respiratory system
Papaya - antihistamine

Pau D'Arco - blood purifier, immune system
Rosemary - antihistamine
Skullcap - allergy symptoms 
Thyme - antihistamine
Tumeric - immune system
Yarrow  - infections, allergy symptoms


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