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People are seeking medical ways to stay healthy, active, and vital well into their older years. At this time there is no one anti aging medicine or anti aging serum. However there is some exciting anti aging research being done in single-gene modulation and modulating the metabolic dysfunctions causing aging. In some cases longevity can be increase by up to 800% in laboratory animals. These are not currently available to humans but the hope is they will be in the near future.

What is available are the principles of the anti-aging lifestyle as a means to lifelong habits for healthy living. Scientific research studies have proved that changes in diet, exercise and nutrition significantly impact healthy function in old age. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements play a vital part. Some vitamins enhance the production of antioxidants, the number one fighter against aging. Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential and they also help the skin thus fighting wrinkles.

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of antioxidants and many herbs contain antioxidants as well. Some herbs, such as oregano, are very rich in antioxidants. Sprinkle on plenty of basil, dill, ginger, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme and turmeric and you will strengthen you fight against aging!

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