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Astragalus has been used as an herbal remedy for more than 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional usage is as a diuretic and as an immuno-stimulant. It is sometimes used to treat diabetes and nephritis. Astragalus is also used to strengthen system function after chemotherapy. Astragalus increases energy and improves nutrient absorption so it is helpful in weight control.

Astragalus  helps to normalize immune function, tones the liver, help circulation, relieve stress and is also useful for exhaustion. It increases the number of cancer fighting cells in the body, allowing the body to heal faster after chemotherapy and radiation, and increases patient life expectancy post treatment.

Astragalus encourages bone marrow to produce more phagocytes. These are the cells that fight bacteria and viruses.  

Astragalus is also useful in the treatment of allergies as it strengthens the body's natural defenses. It can stimulate the immune system and speed up metabolism.





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