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Native American Indians have used Blue Cohosh for thousands of years as an herbal remedy to make childbirth easier and also as a contraceptive. This herb stimulates the uterine muscle during childbirth.

Blue Cohosh is often used alone or in combination with other herbs for regulation the menstrual cycle and to ease painful cramps. As a uterine tonic, it nourishes and revitalizes the uterine tissue. It is commonly used during the last 2-4 weeks of pregnancy to give the uterus a final toning, thus making the birthing process quicker. It can be used during birth to ease labor pains or jump-start a stalled labor. After birth it has been used to deliver a retained placenta and stop bleeding by helping the uterus clamp down without causing the cervix to close as well.

CAUTION:  Large doses could cause headache, vomiting or pain in arms and legs. Needless to say it should not be taken during pregnancy before the ninth month as it may induce labor. Blue Cohosh has a tendency to stress the kidneys if used in excess. It is not recommended for use by those who have kidney or heart problems of any kind, including high blood pressure and low blood pressure.  It should also not be used by those who are sensitive to estrogenic substances.


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