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The Ephedra viridis plant is known by many names. It received the name Brigham tea from the use of the plant for tea by the Mormon pioneers.

Brigham Tea has been used as an herbal supplement medicinally for thousands of years.  This tea has been used for many ailments, including asthma, hay fever, and other allergies. It is useful as a tonic in the first stages of a cold or influenza, arthritis, fluid retention, coughs, malarial and other fevers, headaches, rheumatism, boils, acne and indigestion. This herb is an excellent spring tonic. It is used for treating depression and narcolepsy.

It contains ephedrine (adrenalin) which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. It is said to stimulate respiration and increase the depth of respiration. It also may reinforce heart action and dilate the bronchi, especially during spasms. It is an expectorant, and is useful for acute sinusitis and hay fever.

CAUTION: may cause nervousness and restlessness in some people

Also known as

Mormon tea 

Joint fir

Squaw tea

Tick tea

Desert tea

Miner's tea

Teamster's tea

Mexican tea



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