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Chanca piedra is one of the most important herbal remedys discovered in the entire history of herbalism due to its effect on directly fighting calcium-forming organisms called nanobacteria. Nanobacteria have been linked to inflammation and the production of "bad calcium" in the human body. Nearly every disease condition known to humans, mammals, reptiles, and birds involves calcification. Calcification is the overproduction of "bad calcium" due to the growth of nanobacteria.

Chanca piedra's name means "stone breaker" due to its ability to break up calcium phosphate crystals (bad calcium). This herb's historical use in achieving excellent gall bladder and kidney health is well-studied. In South America , Chanca piedra is also known for many other healing properties including helping: malaria symptoms, fever, flu, alleviating liver stagnation, improving digestion, and even as a mild laxative and pain reliever.

Caution: People with heart conditions or taking prescription heart medications should consult their healthcare practitioner before taking this herb. This it is generally not recommended for those with hypoglycemia symptoms.


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