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Chaparral is an herbal remedy that has been used for many centuries by Native American peoples. Chaparral is a desert-growing plant that contains a powerful substance known as NDGA (nordihydroguararetic acid). The active ingredients are found in the leaves which can be soaked in water for an hour; this cold chaparral tea water is then taken internally or applied topically to the skin or hair. Chaparral has also been noted for its ability to ease arthritic pain, and contains potent antioxidants which may act throughout the body to help reduce inflammation. It is used to rid the body of growths and tumors by purifying the blood.

Chaparral has been used against parasites, bacteria and viruses. It is also useful in colds, flu, acne eczema and many other conditions.

Chaparral is also an astringent and is used externally for sores and wounds.



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