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Chinese Licorice is a widely known herbal remedy in many cultures. It is used as an expectorant, to regulate blood sugar and clean toxins from the body.  It is believed to drive out all poisons and toxins from the system including the spleen and kidneys. It is also effective in relieving intoxication due to bad foods, drugs and alcohol. It is said to produce radiant health and prolong life

Chinese Licorice is used throughout history because of its ability to sustain energy. It has a remarkable power to sharpen the power of concentration, relieve abdominal pain and congestion and stimulate the functions of the abdominal organs. When the 3,000 year old tomb of King Tutankhamen of Egypt was opened archeologists found licorice stored there. Chinese healers prescribed licorice for flare-ups of arthritis. It contains saponins, anti-inflammatory compounds similar to natural steroid hormones. Licorice stimulates the production of 2 steroids, cortisone and aldosterone.

In addition Chinese Licorice helps build muscle growth, beautifies the countenance, fortifies the sinews and bones, cures swollen wounds and relieves pain and tension due to stress. It has been used to cure anorexia as it stimulates stomach activity.


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