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Couch Grass has been used through out history as an herbal remedy. Although it is considered to be a bothersome weed in North America in many regions of Europe and Asia the couch grass hay is used as a fodder for livestock and its tubular root is sometimes consumed by people when there is an acute scarcity of food.

Couch grass possesses diuretic properties so it is used to treat different types of urinary tract conditions. It guards the urinary tract against contagion and it increases the flow of urine. In addition it may also be used in combination with other herbs for treating kidney stones. It is believed that couch grass is highly effective in dissolving kidney stones.

Couch grass is effective in healing inflammation of the prostate gland. Historically it was recommended for treating gout and rheumatism and also rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, the juice extracted from the couch grass roots has been traditionally used to heal jaundice and disorders of the liver.


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