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Searching for arthritis treatment and natural cures for arthritis is a very popular activity today as many of us ease into our golden years.  Arthritis can be very painful especially in winter and arthritic pain urges those who suffer to look for relief. Although there are many prescription and over the counter remedies for arthritis there are also many different natural cures and alternative medicine for arthritis.

Home remedies like a long warm bath or shower can help greatly. Epsom salt in the bath water relaxes the body and draws out the pain.  Since arthritis is an inflammatory condition omega 3 supplements can help too. .

Dandelion helps in arthritis relief as a natural diuretic because a build up of fluids in the body can cause swelling which causes more arthritic pain. Ginger can also help as it reduces inflammation. Alfalfa and Feverfew are other herbs for arthritis that are helpful.

Certain foods which are rich in beta Cryptoxanthin will help ease arthritis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in this vitamin.

Also, any low impact exercise like walking or swimming helps control the pain. And of course, losing excess weight will also help.


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