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Nettle or Stinging Nettle has been used for centuries as an herbal supplement.  It is very nutrition and antioxidant dense so it helps to build energy from the inside out by nourishing the adrenals.

Nettle contains serotonin so it benefits in the remedy of depression. Itís anti-inflammatory properties help diminish the inflammatory destruction of cartilage and bone. Therefore nettle is used to fight with arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis. Nettle contains silica which is a rejuvenating substance that delays the ageing process by keeping the cells healthy. Its antihistamine properties make it useful to treat allergies.

Internally Nettle is used to treat anemia, heavy menstrual bleeding, gout, kidney stones, rheumatism and allergies.

It may be used externally to treat arthritic pain and scalp and skin problems.  It is used in the treatment of hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth.


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