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Our pets can have some very serious diseases such as arthritis, cancer, skin conditions, allergies, parasites, diabetes, motion sickness,  liver conditions and kidney diseases to name a few. The cost of treating these conditions has become astronomical with the steadily increasing fees veterinarians charge. You should never replace veterinary care and routine check-ups but it makes sense to see that our pets are kept as healthy as possible as a preventative.

One of the best ways to keep our pets healthy is to feed them natural and nutritious pet foods. There are many good suppliers on the internet and the pet specialty stores also offer a good variety. Do your research and finding the right food should not be a problem. Doing so can reduce vet bill and the pain and heartache of seeing your loving pet suffer.

There are many natural herbs which also can be of benefit to our pets.  Most herbs are used in tinctures. Some are for external use only. 

The following herbs have been proven safe and effective herbal treatments.

Alfalfa - arthritis, allergies, appetite enhancer
Aloe Vera - arthritis, stomach acid
Catnip - immune system, feline relaxer
Chamomile - motion sickness, stomach disorders
Corn Silk - urinary problems
Echinacea - immune system, infections, tumors
Eucalyptus - externally for parasites
Eyebright - eye disorders
Garlic - antibiotic, repels fleas
Ginger - motion sickness
Green Tea- immune system
Hawthorn - heart strengthener
Horehound - motion sickness
Horsetail - hair loss, joint problems
Juniper - adrenal system, itching, diuretic
Kelp - thyroid regulator
Marshmallow - lung and urinary problems
Milk Thistle - liver problems and infections
Mullein - cough, congestion, lung problems
Pau D'Arco - fungal infections, allergies, cancer
Pennyroyal - externally for fleas
Peppermint - motion sickness
Red Raspberry - pregnancy
Slippery Elm - diarrhea, regulates gastrointestinal system
Tea Tree - externally for parasites
Yucca - arthritis and inflammation, allergies


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